You ain't got no pancake mix

Today's title comes from a quote by my cousin Brendan from last year's
lake weekend.  Ah memories!  This weekend I was really craving brunch.
 If we were in St. Louis, it would have been no question as to where
to go- First Watch. But here that wasn't an option.  The hubby loves
pancakes so we opted for The Original Pancake Company.  Good news for
those of you in St. Louis, there is a location in the Chesterfield
Valley.  The menu was huge- so many breakfast options and many exotic
pancake choices. There were also some specific Texas specials on our
menu.  We decided to go for pancakes.  I ordered the apple pancakes
and he got the chocolate chip.  We each got a side of bacon, too.  My
pancakes weren't exactly what I had expected- they were better.  I was
thinking pancakes with apples in them with some cinnamon goo on top.
What I got was more like an apple pie with slices of tart granny smith
apples in between a pancake crust topped with sugar and cinnamon.  It
was huge and definitely could have been split by the two of us.  His
pancakes  were brown because there were so many chocolate chips in
them.  We were excited to taste that they were dark chocolate chips.
Both pancakes were excellent and would have been meals on their own,
but we love bacon.  This bacon was thick, big pieces and a side was
4-5 pieces, so again we could have split it.  Overall, this was a
great choice and I didn't eat anything else until dinner because I was
so full. This place is not unique to Texas, so if you have one near
you, make sure you try it, you won't be disappointed!