I'm a Little Embarised

My husband loves pizza and Italian food.  It seemed so far like this was something that Austin was lacking.  I felt bad for him, so I researched for a pizza/pasta place that was close to us.  I found Baris Pasta and Pizza.  It was located in Pflugerville, only about 5-6 minutes from our apartment.  Upon walking in, you could tell it was a nice family restaurant, but fairly casual.  We got to choose our own seat and began to check out the menu.  We've been craving good pizza (Thank goodness for our Pirrone's treat last time we were in St. Louis!) so we quickly decided on pizza and salad.  We order the Baris salad, upon which I learned that I had been pronouncing the name wrong- I thought it was Baris rhyming with Paris, but apparently its Bar-ees.  So, I was embarised-get it?  :)  The salad was simple lettuce with mushrooms, black olives, and mozzarella cheese.  We ordered the house dressing, which was a great tomato vinagrette.  The salad was okay-we liked the dressing the best and wished that instead of mozzarella, there was provel cheese.  Along with the salad, we got some of the homemade rolls.  They were amazing and huge.  Appearance wise, they reminded me of the homemade cinnamon rolls my students always made.  They had a little bit of garlic and parmesan cheese on them and tasted delicious dipped in the extra salad dressing.  We ordered the sausage pizza.  It was a good New York style pizza-hot, greasy, and cheesy.  Overall, we were satisfied with our choice- we are looking forward to trying some of their pastas and sandwiches as well.  In addition, we liked that they had a nice atmosphere and cheap beer prices, too. Its been the best pizza we've had so far and I can't wait to go back for more.