Do you want a free sopaipilla with that?

We love Mexican food.  I could probably eat it most days, so when my husband suggested Posado's Cafe, I was excited.  First of all, I was still full from the pancakes earlier in the day, but I can't turn down the chance for Mexican food and knowing that I didn't have to cook that night.  I also liked the fact that all the places we tried this weekend are really close to our apartment.  Its good to establish some close favorites.  Upon entering, I could tell it was a neat place.  There were lamps that looked like chandeliers, but instead of glass pieces, had Corona bottles.  When we sat, we were served with chips and salsa.  The salsa was great, sweet and smoky, with a little kick at the end. Next we ordered margaritas.  I got the swirl, which was a combination of frozen lime margarita with sangria-it was so good.  The sangria gave it great color and added a little tartness to a sweet margarita.  He got the lime frozen, which was also great.  They tasted just like mom's!  The menu was huge and everything looked good, so we each got a plate with a variety of things.  Between the two of us, we got a good representation of the menu.  Mine was the Monterey Plate, which was several chicken and cheese choices.  It had a cheese enchilada, a chicken chimichanga, and a small chicken burrito.  It was covered with a sour cream sauce and queso and also included rice and refried black beans.  It was delicious, but so much food that there was no way I could eat it all.  His plate was called the Pablo and included several beef options, including a steak taco, burrito, and flautitas.  His also included refried black beans and rice and got presentation points for the queso in a small tortilla bowl.  After eating, our waiter came by and said, "Do you want a free sopaipilla?"  I declined as I was stuffed.  My husband loves getting free stuff (something that some of his family members are known for!)  and couldn't turn in down.  Was it really free?  It was delicious and sure enough, when we got the bill-it was free.  We also noticed on the way out there was an ice cream machine with cones that was complimentary.  It was one of the rare occasions in my life that I turned down ice cream.  The food was awesome, the location was nearby, and it had a cool atmosphere.  I am positive that this will become one of our standbys.