Who's House? Garcia's House

On Sunday, we didn't really have any meals planned for dinner and I was not feeling leftovers.  We knew we wanted to try something new, but weren't sure what.  We looked at Yelp for nearby places and my husband decided we should try Casa Garcia's in Pflugerville.  It was a small and simple restaurant.  There were several groups of people there and an empty bar area.  We ordered after a bit.  I got the chicken fajitas and Mike ordered the tamales.  The chips were okay, but not salty enough.  I really liked the salsa-it had flavor without being overly spicy.  When our food arrived,  I was ready.  My meal was really good, but the best part was the homemade tortillas.  They were probably the best tortillas I've ever had.  Mike really liked his tamales, too.  We will likely go back for a quick Mexican meal that is close, but it wasn't the best Mexican food we've ever had.