Ragin' Cajun

Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of our first date.  This year we were not able to able to go to "our" restaurant, Wild Horse Grill.  So, Mike looked for new places for us to try.  His first choice was Cajun Pizza Place.  We had driven by it several times on our way to other places and have often commented that we should try it.  When we arrived, I was a little nervous as we were the only people there at 6:30, but several more people showed up while we waited.  The decor was cute-there was lots of LSU and Saints memorabilia.  Zydeco music was coming from the speakers and our waitress had a Southern accent-it was almost like we had stumbled upon a secret New Orleans hang out.  We have yet to find the perfect pizza place here and we knew it wouldn't be like Arcobasso's, but we constantly try to find a good one.  We ordered a large salad to split, ice tea (unsweet for me, sweet for him-gross), and the Cajun Chicken pizza.  The salad was simple, but good.  It had cheese, ham (shredded finely), and olives.  The house dressing was a tangy Italian that perfected the salad.  I was really excited when our pizza arrived.  It had a very thin crust, lightly sauced, cheese, garlic chicken, onions, green pepper, and jalapenos.  It was so good- definitely a different kind of pizza.  We finished off most of it-leaving just enough leftover for my lunch today.  We both commented that we have definitely grown a lot in our tastes over the past 10.5 months here in Austin.  We look forward to going back to Cajun Pizza Place again and taking our friends.