West Side Story

Last Monday, we had an impromptu visit from our friends, Ashley, Jason, and Mildred.  We were all so excited to get to hang out on Sunday and Monday!  Monday night, before they left, Jason suggested we try the newly opened, Westside Alehouse.  Mike and I had driven by several times and commented on going there, but had never had the opportunity until this point.  Its located a few exits north of us in Round Rock.  The restaurant was pretty big, open and had immediate seating available.  The boys were really pleased with the large beer selection.  First we ordered beers and appetizers.  Ashley and Mike shared the fried pickles (ew), which I am told were good.  Jason and I split the sauerkraut balls, which were amazing!  The appetizers were so good and filling that we were definitely looking forward to our meals.  Jason and Ashley ordered the wings, which I am told were enjoyable.  Mike and I each got sandwiches-the club for him and turkey for me.  Our sandwiches (especially mine) were quite delicious, but we felt the fries were lacking a little bit.  After all the food and beer, you'd think we were done, but no, Ashley had  her heart set on the fried Kit-Kat dessert.  It was really good and we were all surprised by the hint of cinnamon that made it taste a little bit like a churro.  We will definitely be heading back, perhaps for trivia nights, which are hosted each week.