Give Me a B

This Saturday we spent the day driving all over Austin, heading to various places.  On our way home, we stopped by BJ's Brewhouse for dinner.  We were seated immediately and ordered beer right away.  They are from the same chain as restaurants as the Cheesecake Factory and have an equally huge menu.  I knew I wanted to try a dessert, so we skipped an appetizer this time.  We opted to split a Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  We ordered a small, which was the perfect size for the two of us.  It was a deep dish style pizza and had excellent flavor.  We love all things buffalo chicken and this was no exception!   For dessert, we wanted to try a pizzookie.  What's a pizzookie?  Its a cookie cooked in a deep dish pizza pan.  We couldn't decide between Triple Chocolate and Red Velvet, so our waitress had them do half and half.  It was amazing.  The 2 flavors mixed well together and were great with the topping of chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  We were very full afterwards, a definite sign that we enjoyed our meal.