No Need to Wear a Thai

A few weeks ago, Mike and I went to eat at Chang Thai.  Unfortunately due to some technical issues and being a little busy working, I haven't had a chance to blog until today.  Chang Thai is located near my favorite fro yo place, so we'd seen it several times, but hadn't tried it yet.  We had some good reviews from Yelp and decided to give it a chance.  It was not crowded at all so we got premium service.  We started off with the fresh rolls, which were interesting.  They had some good flavor, but were a little heavy on the mint.  I liked the peanut dipping sauce.  I ordered the pad thai, one of my favorites!  Mike got the spicy basil fried rice.  We were both very happy with our meals.  Mine had great flavor and I ate almost all of it.  I saved a little so that I would have room for fro yo.  Mike's was good too, the perfect level of spice for him.  We both really enjoyed our food and the casual, quiet atmosphere.  Mike liked it so much that he brought his coworkers back for lunch.  We will definitely go back and sample more of this menu.