Unhappy Hour?

Last Thursday, some people from my husband's work were having happy hour and invited family to join along.  I was sick most of last week with some kind of stomach bug (thanks St. Louis!), but decided to go anyways.  I needed to see people.  I was also excited because Trudy's was on my list of places to try.  I loaded the address into my GPS app and was on my way.  I had no problems getting there, just ran into a little bit of traffic.  My husband called as I was almost there and tried to give me parking directions, but it was too late.  I turned in the wrong lot, got to the correct lot, where there was no parking as it was under construction, poorly lined, and people had parked like idiots-a small car does not need two spots.  I had to turn around to get back to the previous lot and trek over to Trudy's, all the while counting down until Diet Coke time.  I get in and spot the group, when they make introductions and announce, they are leaving.  BOO!  Apparently, Trudy's was not willing to be accommodating to a group of 9 people, telling us we'd have to sit separately.  So, they decided we would head to the Waterloo Ice House just down the road.  The Waterloo was much less crowded and the waitress seemed more than willing to be accommodating to our party.  We ordered appetizers, drinks and food as the conversation got rolling.  There was some work convo and nerd talk so I may have seemed less than thrilled to be there, but the people were nice and I realized that some of us had mutual friends.  Thank goodness for the old St. Louis question "So, where did you go to high school?"  I ordered a chicken sandwich with tots, which were delicious and my husband got tacos, which had a nice kick to them.  We didn't stay super late, but it was nice to meet some new people and get out of of the apartment for a bit.  As for Trudy's, they are on a different list of mine.