The Girl Who Ate Fire

Last Wednesday was a busy day for us, doughnuts in the morning, husband worked from home and a little exploring in the evening.  My husband needed to get measurements done for a tux for an upcoming wedding, so we trekked to the Men's Warehouse in Round Rock.  We shopped around at Old Navy, Marshall's and Bed Bath and Beyond.  I was hot and tired so I didn't buy anything-yay wallet!  We decided to grab dinner while we were out.  My husband had been talking about Firebowl Cafe, an Asian restaurant, where he eats lunch frequently.  We got in and they had a really great deal-2 drinks, 2 entrees, and an appetizer for $20.  That sounded great, so we ordered crab wontons, General Tso's chicken (my husband), and chicken pad thai (me).  His food was great and was a little bit spicy.  My food was excellent and was on the milder side.  The crab wontons were good too, and you could definitely taste the crab.  I think we definitely got our money's worth with this meal.  There was so much food!  I ate part of mine at dinner and then was able to eat it again for the next 2 days for lunch.  I like the varied menu with traditional items and the possibility of creating your own stir fry there as well.