Old Town Donuts...I Think We Found a Contender

So, I've recently become addicted to Yelp and last Wednesday morning, I woke up to an email from them that was all about doughnuts.  Normally, I ignore these, but my husband likes doughnuts and happened to be working from home that day.  I asked him if he wanted to go get some doughnuts and he did, apparently he also got the Yelp email.  We decided to try Shipley Donuts in Pflugerville.  We've driven by several times, but this was our first time to try.  We took the dog for a ride too, feeling guilty for leaving him at camp for several days.  The dog decided to repay us by throwing up all over my backseat upon arrival.  So, my husband got to clean up that mess and calm down a sad puppy, while I got to order.  I got several cake doughnuts for him and choose a cream filled and a maple iced doughnut for me.  The shop was simple and clean, I definitely would have eaten there if we didn't have the dog with us.  The lady that helped me was really friendly and they even had a drive thru.  We brought the doughnuts back and they were delicious!  Had we been in the store we may have continued to buy more and more.  First of all, they were fresh, which always makes them better.  They were very moist with great flavor.  My favorite was the maple iced-the icing had a subtle maple flavor.  My husband was very happy with the cake doughnuts and felt they were even better than the acclaimed Round Rock Doughnuts.  Will we go back?  Its very likely!