Scoops of Fun

Last night we went out to dinner in Pflugerville because I forgot to defrost any meat to eat for dinner.  (YAY for Rio Grande!)  Afterwards, I decided I needed some ice cream, and had read about an ice cream place in downtown Pflugerville on my new favorite website (Yelp!) the other day.  It only took us a couple of minutes to get there and we walked into deliciousness.  Kaleidoscoops was a really cute little ice cream shop with tons of flavors to choose from.  The guy working (an aged hippie-sweet) told us his favorite was the birthday cake, but as we looked there was only one scoop left.  He had us sample the banana nut, which I felt had great texture, but way to banana-y.  My husband liked it, but he likes that banana flavor.  Finally the moment of doom, choosing a scoop.  My husband went with cake batter-he is always a fan of that flavor.  This cake batter had a chocolate icing swirl too, so I was pretty sure he'd like it.  I went with the Monster Cookie Crunch.  It was a cookies and cream ice cream with a fudge swirl- sounds great.  Also, it was Cookie Monster blue.  We paid for our scoops and noticed that Kaleidoscoops also serves Sno Biz sno cones, ice cream cakes, and smoothies.  After the first taste, I knew I found a winner.  It was so creamy and fresh.  I am definitely a fan!  (My husband did have to laugh at my blue mouth though and told me it looked like I ate a Smurf.) It was the perfect way to top off my evening.  I can't wait to go back and try more of their delicious flavors.  I was also glad I got in one new place to add to the blog.  This weekend we are going back to St. Louis for a wedding (Congrats Chris and Katie!), so it may be a while before I have some new adventures to post.  For now, enjoy the pictures of my ice cream treat and go get a scoop of ice cream at your favorite place.  A day without ice cream just doesn't count as a day in my book.