"IKEA-Everyone Has a Home and if You Don't Have a Home, You Can Buy One There"

I didn't take pictures of our trip to IKEA and I'm not sad about it.  The parking lot should have been a sign...but we ignored it.  It was nearly impossible to find a spot.  Warning sign #2 was that the kiddy jail at the front of the store was at capacity.  My previous bad experience should have been taken into consideration.  But no, I trekked on.  It was insane.  Fortunately, there were arrows on the floor letting us know where to go.  You had to keep following the arrows throughout the entire store to get out.  We had being shopping for mattresses that day and we did find some that were a little bit cheaper at IKEA but buying one would have been next to impossible.  There were so many people and a lack of employees.  I've rarely been more excited to end a shopping experience.  We did find at mattress at a decent price and my husband is struggling to set up the antique bedset with brand new mattress as we speak.  I may give IKEA another shot, but it may not be for another 11 years.