White White Wine

On Saturday, my husband and I decided to check out the food at Vino 100.  We had loved the wine and the atmosphere last time we were in and wanted to try it again.  We got there around 6:30 and there were a few other people in the place.  We sat down and ordered some wine and started browsing the menu.  After a long time, we finally selected the Roasted Tomato Pesto as an appetizer, Gourmet Mac and Cheese for my husband, and a BBQ Chicken Pizza for me. The wine was great and so was the food.  The pesto was delicious when paired with the crackers and we were inspired to buy stuff to make our own pesto.  The mac and cheese was probably the best mac and cheese we've ever had with bits of ham and so creamy.  My pizza was good too.  It was on a thick bread crust with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.  The chicken was well seasoned before being added to the pizza too.  We were very pleased with the entire experience.  However, it was really quiet, and they definitely could have used some music either live or just played over the speakers.