Take a Wok on the Wild Side

Last Sunday, we needed to go grocery shopping and we often times eat dinner in the same area as our Target.  Often times, we eat at Freebirds or Pei Wei, but this time we decided to try Masala Wok.  It is a combination Indian/Asian restaurant.  There were options from both types of cuisine plus several rice/noodle options.  Neither of us were feeling super adventurous, so we both went with Asian dishes, but added samosas as appetizers.  The samosas were actually my favorite part of the meal.  They are puff pastry filled with potato and peas.  There was a spicy sauce that went along with them.  I ordered the Orange chicken at the spicy level, but was not overly impressed.  The chicken was good, but not very spicy.  I prefer a little spicier and a little more sauce.  My husband ordered Spicy Thai Fried Rice with chicken.  His food was really good.  His only complaint was that there really wasn't very much chicken at all.  The food was good and there were so many options that we will be back to try new things.