BBQing with the King

Last Friday, we went out to pay for our new couches.  I was excited that we made a decision and can't wait until they arrive.  They should be delivered after we get back from our Christmas trip, which is fine since we will need to get rid of the old stuff too.  In the same shopping center as Sofa Mart, was a BBQ place called Texas Rib Kings, where my husband and friends from work like to eat.  I have been told on numerous occasions how good the food is, but hadn't gotten a choice to try it until now.  We walked and were among only a few people in the place.  We went to order and asked for turkey and sausage and were told that the turkey was coming out of the smoker in just a minute.  So we sat with for a minute, and got turkey and sausage and sides.  For me, beans and potato salad and for my husband, green beans and coleslaw.  I loved everything except the beans- they were not baked beans, but more like pinto beans.  The turkey was amazing and definitely worth the wait!  The sauce was a little spicy and had great flavor.  I was glad to finally taste this BBQ that had gotten such rave reviews from my husband!