She Baked Red Velvet

I have been enjoying my adventures in baking by trying out various whoopie pie recipes.  This week, I tried the red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing.  During the mixing and baking process, everything went smoothly.  Overall, it was a pretty simple recipe to follow.  I was thankful once again for two mixers!  I was even successful in not making a mess at all with the red food coloring.  I went a little lighter on the amount it called for, because while I love the red color of a red velvet cake, I don't like to taste excess food coloring.  I also used a lot of cocoa to give it a rich chocolately flavor.  After letting my cakes cool, they were ready to be iced.  I had cooled my icing in the fridge which made it really hard.  I mixed it again with the mixer and put it in my handy pastry bag for easy piping.  Once again, I was really happy with the end result.  The cakes were rich and fluffy, while the frosting was sweet and creamy.  My husband loved the fact that while it was cream cheese frosting, it didn't taste too much like cream cheese.  I also love the red velvet for the holidays!