Opal's is a Stomach's Best Friend

Last weekend was Christmas present shopping for us.  That is, we were shopping for our Christmas present to each other.  We've been really good this year so we are getting new couches.  Of course, we wanted different things-me, I wanted cute and my husband wanted comfy.  We both have decided we wanted leather.  It was a little bit of a challenge to find a leather couch that is cute, comfy and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Plus, we had a to get used to a whole new set of furniture stores.  After a long day of shopping, we were pretty hungry.  The last furniture store we visited on Saturday was near Opal Divine's so we decided to give it a try.  The location we went to is called the Marina location and it looks like a seafood place.  A cool thing about Opal Divine's is that they have a covered porch where dogs are welcome, too.  We went inside and ordered beers from the Austin Beer Works label.  Mine was the Pearl Snap and was very crisp.  My husband's was something dark, which I didn't care to taste.  They had a large menu and as we were hungry-everything sounded good.  While we were deciding, we ordered the cheese fries, Divine style.  We got back a huge plate of fries covered in melted cheese with bacon and sour cream.  They were amazing!  For our meal, I ordered a guacamole burger with mac and cheese and my husband ordered the philly cheesesteak with mac and cheese.  We were very happy with our choices.  His was well seasoned and mine was bursting with guacamole.  The mac and cheese was probably my favorite thing we ordered-it was a white mac and cheese with hints of white cheddar and parmesan cheese and maybe some sour cream as it was so creamy.  It ties with Paula Deen's mac and cheese for the best mac and cheese ever (yes, Aunt Sallie, its better than Bread Co's).  We left quite stuffed and ready for a nap.  Will we go back?  Definitely.