Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

After a long holiday break in St. Louis, we made it back before New Year's and on Monday went out for my husband's birthday.  I will admit the day might have gone better had I not been crabby and if plans had been better established ahead of time.  He decided he wanted to get a pizza and go to the movies.  We went to Mangia's for pizza.  They are known for their Chicago style pizza, but neither of us really wanted that type.  We ordered two side ceasar salads and a thin crust pizza with sausage and pepperoni.  The salads were good, but pretty small.  The pizza was really good.  We finished almost the whole pizza (the rest was really good as leftovers today!)  We still had some time in between dinner and the movie so we headed over to Fry's to pick out part of his birthday present.  We surprisingly had success and found an iPad cover that he likes.  From there, we headed to the movies to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  It was really good-maybe even better than the first one.  Overall, I hope that he was happy with his relaxing birthday!