Remember The Alamo

Last Wednesday, we went to see The Hunger Games.  We pre-ordered our tickets at the nearest Alamo Drafthouse movie theater.  The tickets were the same price as a typical movie theater, but we were promised that it would be a totally different movie experience.  Upon entering, we saw the line for the movie and the bar.  The line wasn't really long yet, as we left early, because we still aren't used to Austin's rush hour patterns.  We headed straight to the bar, where my husband ordered a beer and I got a frozen sangria.  The sangria was delicious and it was nice to have something to drink while we waited in line.  About 30 minutes before the show began, the line was directed to the theater.  Seating reminded me a little bit of a college lecture hall with seats and tables in front of the seats.  Each set of tables had menus with pens/paper for ordering.  Our waiter came by to explain the process to us.  It took us a bit to make our decisions.  We ordered another beer (husband), an iced tea (me), and hot pretzels with sauces for an appetizer.  While we waited, we watched foreign commercials and old school game shows on the screen.  Later, they showed special spoofs of the Hunger Games before the show.  The pretzel was yummy and came with nacho cheese, spicy mustard, and a jalapeno jelly.  I loved the cheese and mustard, but was not really a fan of the jalapeno jelly.  After pretzels, we ordered our meals-I opted for nachos and my husband got a burger with green chilies and fries.  There were special menu options for the Hunger Games, such as lamb stew, but I wanted to stick to a safer choice.  We were pleased with all the food and the ordering process.  I don't have any pictures today, as Alamo has a strict no cell phone policy, that is strongly enforced.  Use a cell phone during the movie, and get kicked out, no refunds.  It was a cool experience and I will definitely go back and take friends to experience a one of a kind movie theater.