This Sunday I finally caved and we went to a place my husband has been dying to go to since we moved to Austin.  We went to Bill Miller BBQ and Fried Chicken.  It is right by our apartment and my husband comments every time we pass it that we need to try it sometime.  We had nothing planned for dinner and I didn't really know what I wanted, so I said okay.  From the outside, it looks like nothing special, which is why I hadn't rushed out to try it.  Inside, it is very stereotypical Texas decor.  I was hungry for BBQ so I got the Rancher Plate, which let me pick 3 sides and 2 meats.  I ordered turkey, sausage, green beans, hashbrowns, and cole slaw with an iced tea.  My husband got the 3 piece fried chicken with fries.  The BBQ was ok- the sauce needed some improvement and the casing was a little thicker than I like on the sausage.  My sides were delicious so that made me a happy camper.  My husband's chicken was amazing.  The leg was so moist and juicy.  I think next time we come, I will order my favorite sides with the chicken as there is much better bbq in Texas.  However, it was fast, satisfying, and relatively inexpensive-perfect for a lazy Sunday.