Balls in Your Mouth

For those of you who love Jimmy Fallon, like I do,  you understand the title of this post.  If not, you should love him.  Anyways, this post isn't about tar balls, its about cake balls!  Last Sunday after eating an enormous brunch, I decided we needed some exercise so we hit up the Domain on the way home for some walking and shopping.  It was a great day to be out walking in an open shopping area and as a bonus, there was an art fair going on so there was plenty to see.  We weren't really planning on buying anything, but somehow, we ended up at Austin Cake Ball Kitchen and Bar.  It was really cute and would probably be a fun place for lunch or dinner, but we were stuffed.  We just wanted some balls.  There were several different options, but not so many that it was overwhelming.  We ended up ordering a half dozen to take home for later.  I chose red velvet, carrot cake, and mint chocolate.  My husband selected dark chocolate orange, peanut butter, and chocolate.  We ate them over the next few days and were very impressed.  They had great flavor and texture and several of them also had additives inside them, such as chocolate chips and Andes mints.  I think making cake balls is a bit of a pain, so if I have a craving, I will be sure to hit up Austin Cake Ball Kitchen and Bar again.