Pfun times in Pflugerville

This Sunday we visited St. Elizabeth's Church in Pflugerville.  I thought it was cool that it was so diverse-both the congregants and the officiants.  We decided to stop somewhere in Pflugerville to eat on our way home.  We tried one place, but sadly it was closed.  Then, we remembered Pecan St. Deli, which I had seen on our way to church.  Pecan St. Deli was busy, so that's always a good sign.  They had a variety of foods including burgers, sandwiches, and salads.  I went with the cheeseburger and tots.  My husband ordered the philly cheese steak and tots.  The burger was great-not too greasy and the perfect size.  It definitely reminded me of a 5 Guys burger.  My husband liked the cheese steak, but still feels like Texas is lacking a little bit in this area. Overall, the food was good and the location was convenient.  Its always good to have a few good places to eat nearby.