Pappasito's...still yummy!

When we came to Austin the first time in February, it was a busy, fun filled trip.  Upon arrival, we had some direction mishaps, some hotel mishaps, and oh yeah, I was hungry and crabby.  On that first day, we visited a place near our hotel called Pappasito's and have been raving about it ever since.  But, I couldn't help wondering, "Was it really good?" or "Was I really hungry?"  This Saturday, we decided to return to Pappasito's.  I knew I could be a better judge as I wasn't even really hungry  this time.  The food was amazing again.  We started off with chips, salsa and the special dip.  The chips were thin and salty- a great combo.  The salsa was not my favorite-almost a little sweet.  The special dip was great-nobody really seems to know what it is, but I love it.  Its almost like a creamy spicy ranch, but with avocado.  I ordered a chicken quesadilla as I wasn't super hungry and my husband ordered the Tacos Al Carbon.  We remembered that he had gotten a really delicious steak taco there before.  Once again, the food was not disappointing.  The quesadilla was nice and cheesy and the tacos had great flavor. Another cool thing about Pappasito's is that you can order homemade guacamole and they make it table side.  We didn't order it this time, but I did get a picture of our waiter making it for a nearby table.  We can't wait to try it once we have someone to share it with.  Overall, we were again impressed by the food, the atmosphere and definitely the steak taco!