Man vs. Food Pick of the Week

I love watching Adam's adventures on Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel.  One episode focused on Austin and we have been trying out some of the places that he visited.  This past weekend we decided to try out Round Rock Donuts.  My husband was looking forward to seeing the giant donuts (the size of a person's head) in person.  I must admit, I can take or leave donuts.  I actually think Krispy Kremes are kinda gross.  I really only like Old Town Donuts in Florissant and I only buy them for Thanksgiving morning.  We opted for a half dozen because I was skeptical and he didn't need a whole dozen.  I ordered the applesauce cake donut and the creme filled chocolate iced donut.  He got chocolate cake donuts and glazed donuts.  We waited to eat them until we got home.  I was a little full after Jason's Deli and wine.  I had a bite of a glazed donut and was hooked.  My applesauce cake donut was amazing.  It was cinnamon, apple deliciousness.  I know my dad would have loved it too!  I didn't have my other one until the next morning, but it was great too!  The creme was light and fluffy, the donut was soft, and it had a thick layer of chocolate frosting.  I know that I will be eating Old Town Donuts this year for Thanksgiving, but if I ever have to be here for Thanksgiving, I have found a reasonable substitute.