I Heard it Through the Grapevine

The other day I got an invite to a bachelorette party at my favorite winery in Augusta.  Unfortunately, I am not able to attend that bachelorette party (I hope you have a great time Katie!), nor have I been to my favorite Fenton "wine patio" (miss you Sobos)  this summer.  Drinking wine at home is fine, but wine is so social so its nice to try it out in public.  My husband remembered passing a place called Vino 100 in Round Rock, so we decided to give it a try.  The premise behind it was pretty cool-100 wines all under $25.  We looked at the different varieties and nothing seemed to jump out to us as familiar and we didn't know what to try.  The waitress there was friendly and helpful so we decided to to wine flights.  Each flight included 3 different 2 oz. samples of wine.  I love white wine so I stuck with whites, starting with a great moscato.  My husband was feeling adventurous so he decided he would try out some reds as well.  After our first flight each, we decided to go for a second as well.  I think my wines included moscato, chardonnay, pino noir, sauvignon blanc, riesling, and pino grigio.  The atmosphere was dark and cool.  We found out that they would be doing brunch and wine Sundays once football starts up.  In addition, on Friday nights, there are musical guests and there is a wine club to join too.  I definitely liked the decor-all wine themed-even the bathroom was cute.  I especially loved the wreath made of corks and may used my saved corks to make one too.  While it was no Sugar Creek with the teachers or afternoon-evening game and wine fest, I think that Vino 100 could be a fun place to unwind after a long week.