Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches... oh my!

I love sandwiches.  In fact, they are one of my two favorite foods (the other being ice cream).  On Saturday, we decided to go North to Round Rock to see some sights and sample some food.  My husband, knowing I love sandwiches, suggested we try Jason's Deli.  There was a huge menu, most of which was not posted on the wall.  We had many choices of soups, sandwiches, or salad and there was a huge salad bar too.  It reminded me of a bigger version of McAllisters, with a salad bar included.  I opted for the light club, which was really good.  It had a lot of turkey, which made it perfect for me.  My husband had the Italian Cruz Poboy.  His sandwich was also quite tasty.  He got blue tortilla chips and salsa along with it, and they were not very good.  With such a huge menu and many lighter options, I am sure that we will be back soon.