It's All Greek to Me

After living in Austin for nearly two months and hearing about my husband's coworkers, I finally got to meet some of them this Wednesday.  They decided we should all go out to lunch on Wednesday.  Originally, we were going to go to the office cafeteria, which I must admit, I wasn't super excited about, but I wanted to get out so I agreed.  As it turns out, plans changed and we ended going to Arpeggio Mediterranean Grill.  This seemed like a great choice as one of the people going was a vegetarian and she was confident she could find food to eat there.  It was a small place, but nicely decorated on the inside.  I haven't eaten much Mediterranean food in the past, so I went with the daily lunch special.  It included your choice of meat (chicken for me, of course!), Greek lettuce salad, Tzatziki sauce, and 3 sides (hummus, rice, and a red sauce for the rice).  The chicken had a great flavor and was really good when combined with the sauce or hummus.  The salad was okay, but I really like the dressing.  The red sauce was strange and not really to my taste- it had several squashes in it and a unique flavor.  I also tried my husband's tabouli and I really liked that.  It was an interesting flavor, but I really wished I had ordered it instead of that sauce and rice.  For dessert, we had whoopie pies (I love bringing my own dessert!).  It was cool to try a new type of food and meet some new people.  I had a great time and look forward to trying more new types of food through my adventures.