Making Whoopie

In addition to eating out all over Austin, I have decided that I want to get back to exploring in the kitchen.  During our trip to Crate and Barrel, I purchased a whoopie pie cookbook and pan, as I like them and wanted to be able to make them for myself.  This Sunday, I finally gave it a try.  My husband and I decided on the traditional chocolate cake and a salty peanut butter filling.  I had to make sure I got all the ingredients when I shopped, as my pantry here is a little more bare than the one in St. Louis was.  I read ahead in the cookbook and knew it would take some time so after we got back from lunch and church, I started getting all my supplies ready so I could have some whoopie pies for dessert.  This recipe actually required me to use my sifter, which I think in the past had only been used for powered sugar.  I liked having the whoopie pie pan because it helped the cakes to be a lot more uniform in size than if I guessed like the recipe instructed.  As the cakes were cooking, I had a chance to clean up my first mess and get started on the second part.  While they were cooling, I mixed up the frosting.  After the cakes were completely cool, I began filling them.  I wish I had a pastry bag for this part, but I didn't, so I used a ziplock baggie with the corner cut off.  It worked pretty well, but got a little sticky with the peanut butter frosting.  I will definitely be sure to have a pastry bag for next time.  Finally, it was time to try them.  They were so good, but definitely required milk.  The cake was rich and chocolately, yet soft and fluffy.  The filling was the perfect combo of sweet and salty deliciousness.  My recipe said it would make about 2 dozen, but mine cakes were a little bigger so I only made about 20.  We ate several ourselves and also shared some with my husband's coworkers later in the week.  The cookbook also said I could freeze them and serve later, which seems like a great option as well.  I am glad this recipe worked out and can't wait to try a variety of the other cake and filling combinations.