My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

Our friends in Sugar Land had recommended Potbelly Sandwich Shop after they had moved to Texas.  It was one of many places on our "to eat" list.  This weekend, I was really wanting a sandwich, so we decided to give it a try.  We started our day by heading to Barton Creek Mall to get some Valentine candy from Lamme's Candies.  It was a cooler weekend here (low 40s- I know that's not bad for you STL folk, but its cold here!) so the mall was packed!  We definitely worked up an appetite after shopping.  We drove a little ways to the Arbor Walk area, where Potbelly's is located.  The area was crowded too, a traffic nightmare.  The area includes several restaurants and shops.  We walked in and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  The decor was cute (Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures!) and clever.  There were several choices for sandwiches, but not so many that it was overwhelming.  I opted for the skinny turkey so that I could order a milkshake too.  My husband ordered the Big Italian.  We both got BBQ chips, paid, and got started on our eating adventure.  My sandwich was yummy-I liked that they had a skinny option, which was a smaller size with less bread and also, loved the baked aspect with the cheese melted.  My husband's sandwich was good too, and the big size was not huge.  The chips were a BBQ ranch and had the perfect level of spice to them.  Finally, my chocolate malt.  It was thick, creamy, and delicious.  It was obviously made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, which I like, but was not chocolately enough for my husband.  We really liked the sandwiches here and will be back for more.  After eating, we tried a new store (to us) in the Arbor Walk, called Sam Moon.  STL friends, it was like an ABC Trading Company or Hongs, but on crack.  The store was huge!  My husband commented that it seemed like a store I would like because while it had a lot of stuff, it was well organized and not crowded.  He was right.  There were some cute hats and other accessories, but it was a little overwhelming and maybe not the best place to go shopping with him.