Kerbey Lane is in my ears and in my eyes..nope its in my stomach

My husband has been wanting to go out to breakfast or brunch, but more often than not we sleep in too late to make that happen.  This weekend, my husband actually set an alarm to get up for breakfast at Kerbey Lane.  We had heard great things from our sister in law and others in Austin, so we've been eager to try it.  When we got there, we realized that it was a popular option- I signed up for a table and they were out of pagers.  There was scarcely a place to stand and for once, it was too cold to stand outside.  About 5 minutes later, we were able to get a pager and we walked over to a cute dog shop and bakery.  After purchasing some Valentine goodies for our spoiled pup, we headed back to Kerbey Lane to wait for our table.  We got back and almost immediately were seated.  All the waiters and waitresses lived up to the "Keep Austin Weird" attitude and were dressed very casual with lots of piercings, tattoos, and crazy dyed hair.  I had already checked out the menu online and knew that I wanted the pumpkin pancakes and a side of bacon, but we still took a little time to check out the menu.  The menu had a First Watch vibe, but not quite as healthy.  I ordered as planned and my husband ordered the migas tacos.  Both were quite delicious and lead me to believe that we might be setting an alarm again in the future to wake up for more  Kerbey Lane goodness.  Thanks again to our sister-in-law for a great recommendation and our Christmas gift card!