Leftovers for Dinner-No Forking Way

This weekend I was really craving some steak for dinner.  This doesn't happen that often, but we figured that this is the perfect town for that.  My husband looked up some places on Yelp and we opted for the Roaring Fork.  It was fairly close to us and we knew how to get there, which is always a bonus when you're new in town.  As we walked in, we were welcomed by the scent of a wood grill-it was heavenly. The atmosphere was very cool here and it reminded us a little bit of our favorite place in St. Louis, Wild Horse Grill.  We apparently needed reservations to get a seat, so we opted for the lounge area.  It was nice, but very loud as we sat by a group of crazy happy hour folks.  The menu had a lot of interesting items on it, but steak was not one of them.  We laughed that Yelp recommended it as a steak place, but there was no steak on the menu.  For an appetizer, we ordered chips, queso and guacamole.  It was delicious, probably the best guacamole I've had in a long time.  The chips were well salted and had dried cilantro on them.  For our main course, my husband ordered the Big Ass Burger (something he'd been craving) and the Southern part of me prevailed and I ordered the bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with cheese grits and Mexican street corn.  The burger was huge, juicy and had poblano peppers on it.  My pork was amazing and the bacon was an excellent touch.  I'm picky about my grits, but these were great and the corn gave them an almost sweet flavor.  We loved the food and wished we could have tried some of the many tempting cocktails, but it wasn't in the cards for us that night as he was driving and I was on pain pills.  Maybe next time, and with food like that, there will be a next time.