This past Sunday, we decided to go out to dinner.  My husband made several suggestions, but none of them sounded that great to me.  I didn't really know what I wanted, but those weren't it.  Finally, he suggested Zed's, a restaurant sign we'd seen many times from the highway, but had never stopped into.  I had heard that it was hard to find, which I thought was silly because you can clearly see the sign from the highway.  As we got closer, I realized why people said that.  There is a sign by the highway, but the restaurant itself is back further, almost hidden.  It had a very cool vibe to it with a stone pathway and a stream with koi swimming in it.  My husband liked the inside with the touches of bright green.  As we were seated, we got to look at the menu.  There was a huge drink menu with tons of choices.  I ended up ordering water and my husband ordered a beer.  Next we had to decide what to eat.  My husband ordered the Mahi Mahi and I got the Prime Rib French Dip.  The food was excellent!  My husband loved the fish with the rice pilaf and garlic vegetables.  My French Dip was awesome as well.  The meat was so tender and delicious.  While I didn't need dessert, I had decided ahead of time I was having it.  My husband and I split an apple crisp with Amy's cinnamon ice cream.  It was delicious, too!  It had the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar crumb topping and delicious granny smith apples.  The cinnamon ice cream was the perfect addition to the apple crisp.  It was an enjoyable evening and we have both decided it will be on the list of places to take our parents when they come visit us.