Phil 'Er Up

After several long work weeks, my husband took Friday off and we went shopping.  We visited Lakeline Mall in nearby Cedar Park, TX.  When we arrived at the mall, we were hungry so we immediately went to the food court.  It mostly had some basic food court staples, such as Subway, Chick-fil-a (which in my husband's eyes qualify it to be a true mall), and Panda Express.  I would have been fine with one of these options, but we also saw Phil's Philly Grill.  My husband loves Philly cheese steaks and really hasn't had the best luck with them in Texas-he's really missing Penn Station.  So we ordered, each getting meals that fit our tastes.  He ordered the traditional Philly cheese steak with steak fries.  I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich with tots.  Our sandwiches were great and grilled to perfection.  The tots were also amazing with the perfect level of crispiness.  I did not care for the steak fries as they weren't crunchy enough for my taste.  We were very happy with our choice and my husband's only complaint was that there wasn't enough meat on his sandwich.  After we fueled up, we toured the rest of the mall.  It was okay as malls go, having the normal mall stores.  I also got new glasses and we bought a new TV, so our Friday was a success.