Guero, Guero Has My Taco Gone? Guero Could it Be?

Recently, we were lucky enough to have my sister visit us for President's Day weekend.  While she was here, we tried to cram in as many of our favorite restaurants as possible, all the while trying to convince here that we do more than just eat here in Austin.  It was rainy the first part of her trip, which is a little bit rare for Austin.  We decided to head down to South Congress to try out all the various food trucks.  However, the drizzling turned into pretty heavy raining and we didn't really want to eat outside in the rain.  It was really crowded on South Congress that day, so we knew we'd have to wait anywhere we went.  We ducked into the first place we could all agree on,Guero's.  My husband had heard good things from some coworkers about Guero's so we felt safe trying it.  We did have to wait for 45 minutes or so, but it was a great spot for people watching and watching to see if any of the little kids fell into the fish pond. (They didn't, but several got really close.)  We got seated and immediately were served chips and salsa.  We lucked out and sat right next to the salsa bar, so we could try the various types.  My sister ordered a margarita and I got a mojito.  We had earned it after a long wait in a crowded area!  Next, we had to choose what to order.  My sister has a thing for fish tacos, so her choice was easy.  I got chicken tacos and my husband had the steak tacos.  For an appetizer, we ordered the queso.  It was delicious and had a great kick to it.  Everyone enjoyed their tacos, queso, and drinks.  My sister said that it was the best queso she had in Texas and the fish tacos were pretty good too.