Midnight at the Oasis

On Saturday I lucked out and didn't have to work as long as I thought.  I had nothing planned for dinner so we decided to go out.  We knew we wanted to stay close to home as I was tired and maybe a little crabby.  :)  So we narrowed it down to a few choices and opted for Oasis Mediterranean and Pizza.  It was very close to our apartment so that was nice, but still allowed us to do a little exploring.  It was in a little shopping center and we probably would have missed it if we weren't looking for it.  Once we got there, I knew that I wanted to try some pizza.  Mike had a conversation with coworkers talking about the best kinds of pizza and it had me thinking about pizza.  We ordered the Super Hamburger Pizza and Caesar salad.  We waited for about 15-20 minutes and our food was ready.  Normally, it makes me a little nervous when we are the only customers in a place, but it was a little later and I was hungry so I didn't really care.  The food was great!  The Caesar salad was refreshing on a hot Texas day and the pizza was yummy!  It had a medium thickness crust with red sauce, cheese, hamburger, onions, and tomato slices.  We were able to make a meal of the salad and pizza and Mike still had some left for Sunday's lunch.  In the future, we can't wait to try their Mediterranean food, but for Saturday, we were very happy with the pizza and salad.