"How Can I Have S'more if I Haven't Had Any Yet?"

First you take the graham, then you take the mallow, then you add the chocolate... I love s'mores and anything s'more flavored!  This week I decided to make s'more whoopie pies.  The first challenge was finding graham flour, which turns out is the same thing as 100% whole wheat flour.  Monday was kind of a slow day so I thought I would try it out.  First, I made the cakes.  I sampled a little bit of the batter and it tasted graham-y so I figured it was good to go.  After I had them in the oven, I realized that I had made a few mistakes, leaving out the vanilla and using baking soda instead of baking powder at one point.  While I was baking the whoopie pies, I made the marshmallow filling.  I got to use my new mixer from my inlaws and it worked great.  It had a really cool attachment that looked like a paint stirrer that worked great combining the shortening and marshmallow cream.  I pulled out the first batch and they were very fluffy- almost reminding me of mini muffins.  I worked on the chocolate ganache while I cooked the second batch.  The ganache needed 2 hours to firm up so I assembled them later.  I spread the ganache on half of the cakes and then I piped the marshmallow filling on the other half with my new pastry bag from my husband.  Finally, I smooshed them together, and was ready to enjoy.  We liked them and my husband shared them at work the next day too and they were a big hit there too.  This will be the last post for a little while.  We are headed back to St. Louis for a fabulous wedding of our dear friends, Ashley and Jason, so we will be enjoying our time with them and some our of our St. Louis favorite foods.