At the Taco, Taco Cabana

While Austin does not seem to be a big fan of chains, there was one that I had been wanting to try.  So on Sunday, I finally got a taste of the Taco Cabana.  The menu was varied and offered a lot of different options.  I opted for the steak tacos with chips and queso.  My husband ordered the brisket tacos.  Another cool thing about Taco Cabana was the salsa bar.  I loved the salsa ranch, pico, and green salsa.  The tacos were great.  It was a little different because it was just meat and the tortilla.  I really liked mine with the ranch and pico, which had a little kick to it.  My husband was still hungry so he tried the chicken tacos and brought back some sopapillas.  The chicken tacos were good too, but the sopapillas were amazing.  It was almost like cinnamon sugar nachos with honey and icing dipping sauces.  Overall, I was pretty impressed with Taco Cabana-definitely a step up from Taco Bell.