For most of my birthday weekend, the weather was fabulous 80s-90s, but on Sunday it decided to creep back to triple digit weather.  This was no shock to me as we had decided to go to St. Elizabeth's Parish Fiesta.  It was unlike any church picnic I had ever been too.  As we drove through Pflugerville, there were tons of signs advertising the fiesta.  We pulled up to the church and there were no parking spots in the lot or in the middle school next door, we had to park in a field.  We walked up and there were people everywhere.  There were games, food, a petting zoo, and 3 live bands going on.  We bought some tickets and headed to the food tent to see what food we had to choose from.  There was Mexican food, Asian food, African food, and BBQ.  We opted for fajitas and cold beer.  Both tasted great on such a hot day.  We also tried some tamales, which were really good too.  After eating, we got in line to get sno cones.  It was a long, slow moving line, but in the end, it was worth it.  The sno cones were large and delicious.  We listened to a Christian band in the shade while we finished our sno cones.  Since we had a few tickets left, we decided we should play a game.  The Wine Walk was calling my name.  We each put our tickets on 2 numbers and the wheel was spun and.... I WON!  So, we went home with full bellies and a bottle of Coppola Chardonnay.