Cupcakes and Brad Pitt

My birthday weekend got started great with Salt Lick and presents, but I still had more excitement to go.  I typically make my own birthday treat for a birthday party with friends.  This usually means strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting, however, this year I wouldn't be seeing any of my friends on my birthday so I knew I didn't need to make 2 dozen cupcakes this year.  We found a cupcake place in Round Rock and decided to give Be My Cupcake a try.  We each chose 2 flavors- oreo and red velvet for me and peanut butter and chocolate strawberry for my husband.  They were great cupcakes.  They were not the huge overwhelming cupcakes you see at some places, but a little bit larger than traditional cupcakes.  The cakes were moist, some flavors were better than others.  The frosting was not super sweet like you find in some commercial bakeries. The decorations were simple with an oreo, sprinkles or peanut butter cup topping.  We were very happy with this choice, so much so that I bought more this past Friday and tried the chocolate, strawberry, and carrot cake, which were all excellent too.  Later that evening, we went to the new Flix Brewhouse to see Moneyball.  The theater was cool-the idea is that it is a movie theater and when its down a fulling operating brewery.  Its cool too because when you buy your ticket, you are put into A, B, C groups and you get to choose seats by group (kind of like Southwest Airlines).  It was a huge theater and looked like a lecture auditorium with trays that slid forward for ease of eating.  Much like the theater we visited in the Domain, there was full service with waiters to bring you food before and during the show.  We were still pretty full from our day of eating, so we opted to just order appetizers and snacks.  We got popcorn, which was really good and fresh, chicken quesadillas, and fried ravioli (the closest thing we've found to toasted ravioli, but with cheese instead of beef).  The food was good and the movie was great!  I had a great birthday!