Dream Dinners: Chicken Avignon and Asparagus

After a long weekend, I was ready to get back into a normal routine of Dream Dinners last night.  I had thawed a meal and ended up making some Chicken Avignon and Asparagus, which I paired with some rice.   This dish was quite tasty and I loved that it sounded much fancier than the amount of work it took.  I started by working on the the rice and heating up the oven for the asparagus.  Next, I got to work on the chicken.  I placed the chicken in the bag with the flour and tossed it to coat.  I heated up some oil over medium heat in a skillet.  Then, I browned the chicken breasts for about 6 minutes on each side.  After the chicken was cooked, I removed it from the pan and let it set covered on a plate to stay warm.  I added the white wine sauce to the pan, whisking it for about 2-3 minutes.  Finally, I added in the half and half, whisking and simmering for about 7 minutes until it was thick.  I drizzled the sauce over the chicken and served it with the asparagus and rice.  This dish has amazing flavor and seemed pretty fancy, but was pretty quick and easy to make.  We enjoyed this meal and it was definitely not something I would have come up with on my own.  Thanks again to Dream Dinners for helping to expand my palate.