Dream Dinners: Moroccan Meatballs on Jasmine Rice

Another busy week in our house makes us super thankful that we had a freezer full of Dream Dinners!  Recently, we made the Moroccan Meatballs on Jasmine Rice. I had actually tried these in the store as an appetizer, so I knew that they were tasty, but now I had the chance to make them myself.  I started by preheating the oven and preparing my pan.  I combined the ground beef and seasoning mixture.  Next, with the help of my portion scoop, I formed golf ball sized meatballs.  The idea was to skewer the meatballs and put them in the pan.  My meatballs didn’t want to skewer without falling apart, so I just placed them in the pan.  I covered them with tomato sauce and baked them for 20 minutes.  I removed them and turned them over, basting them with sauce.  I baked them another 20 minutes until they were browned.  While the meatballs were on their second round of cooking, I made the jasmine rice.  We served the meatballs on the rice with extra sauce, as desired.  I really liked the flavor of these meatballs.  I wish I could remember what seasoning I used, but they were still great.  We each had several meatballs and rice, with plenty of leftovers, too.  Once again, Dream Dinners made it possible for us to get dinner on the table without having to spend too much time prepping and worrying.