Dream Dinners: Piggyback Burgers with Salt & Pepper Fries

This week we got to make another new Dream Dinners meal.  It’s been a busy week and this definitely made my life a little bit easier. I love any of our pulled pork dishes, so I was excited to give this meal a try.  I started by preheating my oven for the salt and pepper fries.  Once those had been cooking for a bit, I got stared on the rest of the meal.  I formed the beef into 3 patties and pan fried them about 6-8 minutes on each side.  While the burgers were cooking, I heated the pulled port in a sauce pan on the stovetop.  I decided not to toast the buns because I have not had good luck with this lately and have burned too many buns.  When the burgers and pork was done cooking, I assembled the burgers with a bun, burger, pork, and a slice of cheese.  We served with the salt and pepper fries and dinner was ready.  This was a pretty tasty meal.  I love all my Dream Dinners burgers and this was a different twist on a basic burger.  The burgers had great flavor with the addition of the pork and it was something I would not have thought to try.  Thanks to Dream Dinners, we had another quick meal on the table and were able to enjoy the rest of our evening!