Dream Dinners: Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Last week was another busy week and Dream Dinners kept us fed again!  Most of the meals I made last week were repeats of ones we’d tried and loved before, but I did finally get to try the Buffalo Ranch Chicken.  It was a simple dish that we paired with some tots.  I heated up my grill pan and removed the chicken from the marinade.  I grilled the chicken for about 5-6 minutes on each side.  Next, I added the glaze and sprinkled with Gorgonzola cheese, grilling the chicken for another minute.  Once the cheese melted, it was ready to serve.  The chicken was tasty, but I thought it would have been better with a little bit more buffalo flavor.  I think in the future, I need to make sure to add plenty of buffalo sauce.  I also might switch to a different type of cheese.  All in all, this meal was pretty tasty and with a few modifications to our taste would be delicious.  Another perk to Dream DInners is the ability to be able to change meals to your taste and I plan to take adavantage of that option next time I make this meal.