Dream Dinners: Peanut Butter Cookies

On Thursday, I had a pretty big event scheduled.  We decided to showcase our delicious Peanut Butter Cookies as a dessert  at the event.  Our cookies are pretty cool in that they are frozen and preshaped.  They are also giant!  One cookie is definitely more than one person needs.  I like that they are already shaped so you can choose to make a few of them at a time.  I cut each cookie into four small pieces and spaced them evenly on cookie sheets.  I baked them 9-10 minutes at 350.  I realized that my oven was cooking them pretty fast and turned down the heat to 325 and only used the top rack after the first batch was a little browner than I like.  The cookies were really good!  I liked that they had peanut butter chips to make them extra flavorful.  While I love to bake,  these cookies were tasty and convenient, so I may need to add a bag to my freezer for emergency situations.