Dream Dinners: Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs

June has barely started and its already been a busy month for us!  As I get closer to making my June meals, I really need to get to eating my May meals.  Dream Dinners meals are perfect for busy nights when I am at work and I need Mike to make dinner and he didn’t disappoint this week.  I had several events so he made sure that dinner was ready when I got home.  On Wednesday, Mike made Firehouse Three Cheese Pasta with Meatballs.  This dish was pretty easy to make, but the pan dishes can be a little time consuming.  He preheated the oven and prepared the pan and baked it for 45 minutes.  When I got home, there was a hot meal waiting for me!  This cheesy pasta with meatballs was tasty and simple.  It paired nicely with a salad and would taste great with some of Dream Dinners Garlic Breadsticks, too.  It’s always nice to have pan meals on busy nights and this meal was perfect for our busy night!