Dream Dinners: Chicago Style Chicken with Red Skin Potatoes

Dream Dinners came through for us again during my busy week!  I had back to back nights of events so Mike got to make meals two nights in a row.  The second meal he made last week was Chicago Style Chicken with Red Skin Potaoes.  This was another delicious and simple meal, although it took a little bit longer to cook.  He started by heating up the oven and preparing the pan.  He placed the chicken on the pan and covered it with the potato mixture and olive oil.   It baked for 45-50 minutes until golden brown and the potatoes were crispy.  On the stovetop, he brought the sauce to a boil and simmered for about 4 minutes.  Once the chicken was done, he sprinkled in the peas and covered it with sauce.  The overall meal was quite simple, but flavorful.  I loved the addition of the full cloves of garlic to give it plenty of flavor!  I believe this was a fairly new meal, but hopefully one that comes back in the rotation soon!