Dream Dinners: New Orleans Jambalaya

In finishing up my March meals last week, I got to try a Dream Dinners version of a family favorite-jambalaya.  We typically use the Zatarain’s mix and use a sausage for the meat.  This version was originally designed to have sausage and shrimp, but I replaced the shrimp with diced chicken, as we don’t eat shrimp.  This was a simple pan meal that could have cooked from frozen.  I defrosted it so that it would cook a bit faster.  I added the chicken into the pan dish and  poured the sauce over the dish, covering it all with aluminum foil.  I baked it about an hour and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving.  This was a huge amount of food.  I think this 3 serving meal translated into at least 5 meals for us.  I liked this dish, but I wished that it had a little more kick to it.  Mike ate leftovers with sriracha and it was perfect for him. I would definitely make this again and probably double the amount of seasoning I used or be prepared to add some heat at home.