Dream Dinners: Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sliders

This was a fairly uneventful weekend, so I finally have a chance to sit down and finish blogging for March!  The last new March meal that we tried from Dream Dinners was the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sliders.  Mike and I really love Buffalo Chicken so we had very high hopes for this meal.  I started by preheating the oven and preparing my pan.  I baked the breaded chicken patties for 15-20 minutes.  I don’t always like breaded chicken, but these patties looked pretty tasty.  Next, I sliced the rolls and heated them up for about 10 minutes.  I squeezed some buffalo ranch sauce on the bottom of each roll, placed a patty on top, put one blue cheese on the top half of the roll, and broiled it until the cheese had melted.  I served our sliders with waffle fries and fresh cut strawberries.  While the sliders were good, they weren’t our favorite meal ever.  We felt like this meal could have benefited from more buffalo flavor.  I would have also preferred grilled chicken or baked chicken to the chicken patty and if it was on a pretzel bun, that would have been ideal.  This meal definitely had potential and wasn’t bad, but it didn’t quite live up to my high expectations.