Dream Dinners: Crispy Salsa Ranch Chicken with Brazilian Cheese Bites

After a few days away, my stomach was definitely ready to quit eating out for a while.  I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store right away, but fortunately, I had some Dream Dinners meals in my freezer that I just needed to defrost.  I decided to pair Crispy Salsa Ranch Chicken with Brazilian Cheese Bites and a side salad.  I started by preheating the oven to 400 degrees.  I was lucky that both items needed to cook at 400, so I didn’t have to worry about under/over cooking anything.  The Brazilian Cheese Bites cooked from frozen so I just put those on a foil lined baking sheet and cooked them for 20 minutes.  While the oven preheated, I removed the chicken breasts from the marinade and cut them into 3 strips. I put them on a sprayed, foil lined baking dish.  Each strip was topped with the tortilla chip crumb mixture and pressed onto the chicken.  I baked the chicken about 15 minutes until the strips were brown and crisp.  We dipped the chicken in salsa and served them with the cheese bites.  We really enjoyed both parts of this meal.  The cheese bites were interesting.  The bread was crisp with a cheese flavor without being stringy or overly gooey.  I really loved the chicken.  The chicken strips helped the chicken cook a bit faster and more evenly.  I loved the flavor of the crumb mixture and using salsa as a condiment for dipping was perfect.  The leftovers from this meal would also make great nachos or be tasty in a taco or wrap.  It was also super simple to make-next time this shows up on the menu, I will definitely order several.